Effec Pigment manufacturers

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Effec Pigment manufacturers

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Few things are as versatile and colorful as Pearl Luster Effect Pigment.Thanks to their particular layered structure, light is reflected at different levels in the pigment. The reflected waves interfere with each other, causing amplification or cancellation. Depending on the structure of the layers in each case, this effect creates the brilliant interference color that gives the pigments their unique character.
Pearl Luster effect Pigment color range:
●Gold Luster effects
●Copper Luster effects
●Color Luster effects
●Blue Luster effects
●Black Luster effects
●Red Violet Luster effects
More than 300 color choices
Free samples

Iridescent Pigment
Raw Material:
●Natural Mica and Synthetic Mica based
●Glass flake
●Titanium dioxide
●Ferric oxide
●Other metal oxide
Available particle size:
<15um 5-25um 5-30um 10-60um 10-100um
10-150um 20-200um 50-150um 40-200um 50-150um
60-320um 50-500um 70-700um
Industrial Coatings Powder Coatings Functional Coatings
Printing industry Plastic Cosmetic
20FT CONTAINER: 11250kgs Drums packing
9000kgs Pallets packing
48FT CONTAINER: 22500kgs Drums packing
18000kgs Pallets packing
Payment Terms: D/P T/T CAD O/A
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